Monday, December 1, 2008

Remember, Remember, the month of November

OK, time for the November roundup...

  • Mrs. Marsupial's Tea Party, written and submitted to the Cafe Doom contest in October, took the silver medal for good behavior at Cafe Doom...subbed it to Clarkesworld (rejected), and is now in-slush with Sybil's Garage.
  • Started and completed Contract of Men, which now sits with GUD.
  • Started and completed Filtered White Light, out with AGNI.
  • Started and completed The Tucker Farm Incident for Dark Jesters (also pending).
  • Knocked out about 20k of Mojave, doubted my storyline, and put it aside to simmer.
  • Clearing (version 2.2) (does everyone version their stories, or just me?) accepted for the online edition of Abandoned Towers
  • Inspired by the story started in Tucker Farm, started a new story-of-indeterminate-length called Seattle Pizza Company v. The State of Washington. I knocked out about 3100 words last night, which I think is my one-day record.
Given that I got one acceptance and some positive feedback for Mrs. M, I'm calling November a success.

In addition to working an insanely busy job in banking, raising a family, trying to keep my old house from falling over, having a year-round infatuation with Halloween special effects, and trying to break into writing, I also do some programming on the side, and just knocked out a massive project that has been dogging me for over a month--which frees up a little more time for the other things on the list, and takes the stress quotient down a bit.

It's 8:30am on the west coast, and is now time to concentrate on the job that pays the bills. Tonight, back to the Seattle Pizza Company.


Jamie Eyberg said...

Fantastically productive month if you ask me. Any month were you get any acceptances are good months. Good luck with December and the Pizza Co.. sounds like fun.

Catherine J Gardner said...

Some fabulous titles there Jeremy. Kudos on a fabulous month.

Strange Publications said...

Nice November, and I raise a glass (with pizza on the side) to a productive December.