Sunday, May 3, 2009

Random Yappings

I can't believe I'm down to one post a week now...I think the problem is I've been so busy with the day job, coupled with my not working on any short stories--and there really isn't any news to report on the novel, other than word counts, and that's boring as all fugg. And, I've started suckling at the teet of Facebook, which is a time-thief. If I announce I've signed up for Twitter, someone please send me cynide-laced pastries.

So, them's my excuses. Apply liberally, use only as directed.

I did get one more rejection for a poem I've had out since January; it was a very nice but non-specific rejection from 42 Magazine which said it was "interesting premise", which to me says "I'm too nice to tell you to keep your day job"...but hey, it's the first and only poem I've written. I may re-tool it and try to find a home in May.
I often work from home for my day job, which keeps me bolted to my chair for 9-10 hours a day, at least. When I'm done there, I make dinner for the family (yes, I'm the cook), and, many days, come right back to that same chair and fire up some writin' work. 13 hours of sitting in the same chair day after day is starting to drive me just a little bit bananas, so I've decided that the best way to keep my sanity is to buy a little mini-laptop. I can't afford a full-size unit, and I'm hoping getting a little Acer netbook for $300 will at least give me a little flexibility in where I'm sitting and, hopefully, keep the few marbles that I have left.
Nice article from Apex with submission pet-peeves from all of their editors. Now that Apex Magazine is on hiatus and they are only dealing in books, good things to keep in mind if you have novels/novellas you're sending their way (or, for that matter, anyone's way).
Lastly, a review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Really-lastly, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, Aneka from Krod Mandoon.


Anonymous said...

You are so incredibly connected into the goings on of Las Vegas! Thanks for the heads up on the author's tables, and the offer to pimp my signing on your blog. When it's nailed down, I'll so ask you to pimp.

Busy, busy you. Are you still planning to come to the meeting this month?

Jeremy D Brooks said...

Hopefully I'll be there, unless something comes up last minute (which is always likely, given Amy's zany schedule). But I do really, really want to go. Stephen Coonts had a great Seasoned Sage perspective, but the speaker this month is probably a couple of steps closer to my n00biness and may have some good, usable info.

Catherine J Gardner said...

No cynide-laced pastries from me - instead I'd probably twitter you to death. Some days (normally when I've consumed chocolate) I twitter for England.

Jamie Eyberg said...

You aren't the only male cook around here. My wife has an Acer Netbook. It is actually pretty nice, although my fingers are a little big for the keyboard. Good luck with your poem. I don't even attempt them, my brain doesn't work in meter or rhyme.

Jeremy D Brooks said...

Cate: I just got an image of someone sitting in an office chair with a Britain jersey and painted face in Twitter-offs against Kenya and Northern Ireland Brazil, jar full of choco-truffles at the ready...

Jamie: Thanks...yeah, I still don't really get the poetry thing and it's a pretty simplistic one that actually rhymes (how old school is that?), so these poetry mags probably just snicker...Oh well.

K.C. Shaw said...

Facebook scares me. I'm afraid to sign up; Twitter's bad enough.

Hey, you should totally be on Twitter--mmph. Sorry.

Jeremy D Brooks said...

I'm seriously just afraid of Twitter...I have some folks on facebook who feed their tweets into their facebook account, and it completely floods my facebook page with sheer volumes of random info on what they're eating, what they just watched, what pose their pets are sleeping in, etc...insane level of productivity-sapping for me, I would have to quit my day job if I twittered, I think.

Catherine J Gardner said...

I cannot deny I have lost many an hour to twitter. Stay safe. :)

Natalie L. Sin said...

Look at those legs!