Monday, March 2, 2009

Ooga ooga

Two posts in one day? What the hell is that about?

Because Aaron and Jamie started talking about man-caves and flashing the workspace/writing space pictures...I wanted to join in the fun before I get busy this week and don't ever get around to it.

So, we have a little tiny house, and there is no man-cave to be found wife and I have our computers on a single L desk (we work so much that if we didn't share a desk, we'd never see each other). Note that all three of the computers in the picture are mine; hers is hidden on the next desk section behind my big monitor.

Yes, I'm out of control. 

One is my primary personal use computer; the laptop is for my day-job (I work from home a couple of days a week); the third is my old, crusty Linux computer for testing, coding, and pretty much being a geek who needs a third computer to break--it probably has the same processing power as your cell phone. 

This is in what the previous owners used as the dining room (but, in our defense, what we now use as a dining room, they had a slot machine in. Seriously.  Welcome to Las Vegas).

**UPDATE (because I don't want to do another post): according to Nathan Bransford, this is Positivity/Rainbows/Kittens/Puppies Week. So there. No take-backs.


Jamie Eyberg said...

I am just jealous that you have more than one computer. My wife and I fight over the one we have.

Fox Lee said...

Fine, I cave to temptation (no pun intended). I'm going to take pics of my "man" cave later!

K.C. Shaw said...

It's like his n' hers workspaces. Totally 21st century. :)

Aaron Polson said...

Wow...Vegas. I would love a slot machine. Probably be a better investment opportunity than anything else right now...

Nice set up.

Katey said...

Fabulous man cave, even if it's not quite a cave. I'm sort of in the dining room myself, since my husband works from home and has way too many conference calls not to take up the spare bedroom. (He has the multiple computers too-- one for work and one for other. Hmph!) Quite a lovely little setup.

Jeremy D Brooks said...

Jamie: we wouldn't survive...we both had our own computers when we started dating 11 years ago, and they multiplied like rabbits over the years. It keeps the peace.

Nat: OK, you need to post part II of your cave now.

K.C.: yes, exactly...ever see the Love Toilet commercial on saturday night live? It's like that.

Aaron: yeah, pretty much...if you figure a nickel slot machine has like a 15% house advantage, and the stock market lost easily more than that in 2008...sadly, the Wheel of Fortune slots probably had a better payout than a Charles Schwab account.

Katey: thanks...yeah, I'm on calls all day, I wish I had a room to use. It would make life much easier...