Friday, November 7, 2008

Gaiman-isms and Updates

I didn't write a word yesterday, due to going to see Neil Gaiman do the keynote address for the Las Vegas Lit Festival. It's funny, I spent like 20 hours with Neil's voice listening to Neverwhere last month, so hearing him in person is like being in a meeting with someone I actually knew. Weird. Neil is full of insight and advice for writers, and the target audience last night seemed to be not only fans but writers as well, and Neil tailored his talk appropriately. He talked about how he got his start in literature (lying about his resume), what inspires him (noticing things, talking to his kids), how he decides what project to work on next (whatever makes sense), and funny anecdotes from his career (apparently he spent a couple of weeks at a bankrupt hotel in Vegas while writing American Gods, and had spent time sitting on the ratty couch in the lobby watching TV with multiple Elvises in different colored jumpsuits, and had a running issue with a "defective bible" in his room). He also read two yet-to-be-published children's books of his coming out next year. Well worth staying up late to attend...he didn't do a signing, but had pre-signed most of his published works and had them for sale in the lobby (I picked up The Graveyard Book, and I thought my kids would like Coraline).

In writing news...after finishing up Contract of Men and tossing it over to GUD (they rejected Clearing pretty quick, but I think CoM might be a better fit for their mag), I was finally able to spend some time on Mojave. I was a little worried about getting back into the flow of the story after not touching it for about a week, but I broke 11k Wednesday night, and am at a point where I'm really anxious to figure out where it goes, and am enjoying the story a lot...a couple of interesting characters (I hope).

After just over 3 months, Faith, which is the second story of my would-be career and, in retrospect, not a very well put-together story, was rejected by Glimmer Train for the August Very Short Fiction contest. Ce'st la is, after all, Glimmer Train. I don't think I'll re-write that least not for a while. It's more interesting visuals and feelings but not a strong story.


Jamie Eyberg said...

I love going to readings where they actually talk about the beginnings of their careers. It always sounds so vaguely familiar.

Rob Brooks said...

I'd love to hear Neil Gaiman speak. Great writer and idea man.

I hope to get into Glimmer Train someday as well, but so far they've rejected about 5 of my stories, which are all completely different. I'm not sure what to try next.

Jeremy D Brooks said...

Jamie: yeah, there was some very familiar stuff in there...that was exactly what I was hoping to hear, I guess.

Rob: I've heard it said before, but it really is true with Gaiman: most authors shouldn't do their own audio, but he really nails it. He's such an emotive, entertaining speaker that he could probably have done that for a living if he didn't become a writer.

Yeah, I'm not sure what to think about Glimmer Train...tough nut, I've heard. I think if my latest short doesn't get snapped up from GUD I might try it there, I just hate waiting for three months to find out.

Jamie Eyberg said...

good things come to those who wait (I've heard that somewhere before) I have a story that has been out since last year.