Monday, February 16, 2009



I just realized it's been over a week since my last post. I have been busy. No excuses. But that's why I've neither posted to G&S, nor have I read anyone else's blogs...I feel out of touch already. I need to stand in the corner of the internet until I promise to be more attentive.
As of sometime last week--Tuesday, I think--I have begun dieting again. I hate dieting. For most of the week, I didn't take in any more than 1100-1200 calories a day, and I was so grouchy that for a few days I didn't want to talk to anyone, much less type. Being that hungry is too distracting; I lost three pounds in as many days, but at the cost of reduced productivity. I have since raised my intake a bit.
Also, some time last week, I set up another blogspot to journal my Halloween garage haunt. Sick as I am, I've already started working on Halloween 2009. That probably deserves double-sentencing to the corner. My wife certainly thinks so.

In reading news, I finished Straub's Ghost Story; really fun read. Actually kind of got me spooked in the second half, although there was a point in there when they could name the evil they were facing and kind of figure it out, and at that point it ceased being scary. I think the unknown is way worse. Anyway, I remembered at some point that a movie was made out of it in the 80s, and pulled it up on Netflix Watch It Now. It sucked, and I'm sorry I remembered (except that it had Alice "Borg Queen" Krige in the lead role, which was cool...also liked her in Sleepwalkers). On Saturday we went to see Coraline, and it successfully washed Ghost Story out of my prefrontal cortex.

I just started Robinson's Gilead; the reviewer's consensus on this one seems to be "just friggin' read it", so I am. Also, I also just traded Getting to Yes, a business-drone user's guide, for No Country for Old Men on Paperbackswap. Fair trade, I think.
A couple of re-subs and re-writes on short stories, and started another longer piece: kind of a modern-day, condensed Grapes of Wrath. Seemed apropos for 2009.

Happy President's Day, and have a good week...I'm off to read some of my much-neglected internet-friends blogs, then an hour of reading before beddy-bye.


Jamie Eyberg said...

Diet is a four letter word in our house. I have found portion control to work best for me instead of watching everything I put down my gullet. Good luck with it. I hope you reach your goal.

Aaron Polson said...

The unknown is spooky, and I think horror writers have trouble making it work once you know what the beastie is. The first half of 'Salems Lot scared the pants off me. The second half: oh yeah, vampires. Let's stake 'em.

Have a good week.

K.C. Shaw said...

I still haven't seen Coraline. I almost went last weekend; maybe I will this weekend. Everyone I know who's seen it says it's good.

I hate dieting too.

Robert said...

I actually own GHOST STORY on DVD because I got it really cheap and I'd just read the book and I watched it once and will probably never watch it again. But I'm glad I saw, at least, so I can always say I saw it. But yes, the book was way better.

katey said...

Yay for Steinbeckian fiction-- appropriate indeed.

I watched Ghost Story a few months ago for the first time because it was on the freebie On Demand movies thing. I'll never get those two hours back. *sigh*

Looks like the book might be the way to go, though. Hmm...