Sunday, February 22, 2009


Not much to discuss for writing news today...I had a couple of 1500 word days this week, and a couple of 300 word days, and a couple of 0 word days.
Cemetary Dance is making some changes, but it sounds like a lot of it is TBA...and a mea culpa of sorts from the chief. I don't know the full history, but it sounds like he may be a bit hard on himself for not bringing his A game the last couple of years.
Dog Oil Press is accepting dark humor up to 981 words. This is one of the few market-focused stories I might go for, just because it sounds like so much fun (although I was jettisoned by Dark Jesters last year...). At this point I feel strongly compelled to focus much more on finishing one of these damn novels than doing any more short stories, but writing short stories are like having a bag of lime n chile tortilla chips in the cupboard. One can only walk by that door so many times before it finds its way open somehow...
To further perpetuate the stereotype that writers are generally social misfits, I am publicly declaring (admitting?) that I haven't watched a football, baseball, or anything-ball game in probably fifteen years, but I religiously watch the Academy Awards ceremony every year. I don't know why I like it; I think the pomp and glamour is hokey, most of the participants are more hung up on themselves than any human should be, and the thought that there should be a first-past-the-post contest for art is crap. 

But I still watch; and every year I've watched, it made me want to sit down and write. Jealousy? Desire to stand on stage someday and win a little gold statue? To be accepted? I don't think so...a psychatrist may say differently, but I think I mostly enjoy it because it's a recognition and celebration of a bunch of people using their unconventional talents to make a living, and in the process making the world a more interesting place to live. It's not really that much different than what we do, I guess.
Lastly, a disturbing video my wife took last weekend: she took her parents to Lake Mead to feed the fish by the dock, and this is the footage she captured. I get a weird, primative chill when I watch this clip; anyone stuck for ideas for the Dead Bait antho may be inspired. She thinks they're catfish. I think they need a more sinister name, like Bonecleaners.


K.C. Shaw said...

Those fish are creepy--those round mouths gaping. Ugh. I don't much like fish anyway.

I can't wait for the Academy Awards every year, and every year I watch them, and every year I wonder afterwards why the hell I bothered. I'm only really interested in the animation categories. This year Wall-E will win, but Kung Fu Panda is the one I'm rooting for--it swept the Annies, though, which is more prestigious in the animation world than the Oscars.

Aaron Polson said...

Those fish look like bullhead--little hyperactive catfish, but behave like overpopulated perch. You could almost walk on them, they're so thick.


Jameson T. Caine said...

Creepy fish. I kept expecting those ducks to be pulled violently beneath the surface.

I, too am hooked on the Academy Awards, though the pomp and bloated egos annoy me. I don't know why, but I tune in every year.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that if you post a picture of yourself in lipstick, your hits will definitely skyrocket. I'll check in on that picture at least half a million times before I just save it to my computer and make a paper doll out of it.

...too creepy? ;)

Jamie Eyberg said...

I am with Aaron, I think they are bullheads. I had one bruise my finger releasing it from a hook last year. Fun to catch though. I can relate on the good days and bad days writing this week. I have never watched the Oscars. I don't feel left out either.

Natalie L. Sin said...

Are they going to start taking email submission? : )

Catherine J Gardner said...

I got a not unsuprising 'no' from CD this morning. :(

I don't bother watching the Oscars anymore - over here, you have to pay a premium to watch it on one of our satellite movie channels. I don't think so.

Barry Napier said...

those ducks are quite brave!