Sunday, September 28, 2008


I got a rejection this AM from Wanderings for was another very verbose, very useful note from the editor. He said he thought it had some very good writing, but dragged at points and didn't come to the point fast enough. Singsong, which was rejected by Potter's Field 3, had similar points of criticism, so at least I'm consistent. However, I think Singsong was forced...I didn't really enjoy writing it. Another bad analogy: I felt like a comedian who comes up with a funny punchline and then throws some cheap window-dressing around it just to set it up. Clearing, I think, is a good story...I like it, and I think it's worth polishing. So, that's how I've spent my afternoon: stripping away unneeded details, and really trying hard to tell the story, not just leading the reader around aimlessly. I like my re-write, I'll take another look at it tomorrow, maybe look at markets tonight before bed.

This morning was spent in is a nifty sign I just finished to hang outside of my garage (hard to see, but that's a bite taken out of the corner):

Now I want to write a story called Free Kandy.


Catherine J Gardner said...

OMG! That sign is going to scary the life out of little kids.

And, agh! Rejections suck, but constructive criticsm (I can't think how to spell that word - mind block) is always a bonus.

Jeremy D Brooks said...

Yeah, of my two rejections so far, they've both been very sounds like that's not the norm, so I'm using it while I can.