Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Down

So, in an incredibly short turnaround (less than 48 hours), I heard back on Potter's Field...as could be expected with that short of a turnaround, they don't want it (crowd: aw-w-w-w....). So, there's my first turndown, which, of course, sucks-- but...I'm really, really happy with the response. I got some very specific and direct feedback from the editor on what I need to work on, and I am extremely grateful to Cathy Buburuz for taking the time, particularly at a point in my growth as a writer when I need it most.

I knocked out a quick-n-dirty screenplay for Hotel Guignol over the past two days. I've never done a screenplay before and had to keep bouncing between CeltX and some screenwriting websites to see how to do it...so, yeah...that there tell's ya what kinda quality we put into our screenplays over here in Nevada. Nuthin' but the best. I just picked a couple of real-life actors in my mind and had them play out what would be a somewhat entertaining (at least to a simpleton like me) 10 minute Twilight Zone, and typed it up. I don't have real high hopes for this one, obviously, but I'll probably go ahead and submit it nonetheless (after some cleaning up, making it a bit more grabby, etc). It was a fun exercise.

I think some of the feedback I got from Cathy will apply to the screenplay, so I'll edit with that in mind...unfortunately, it also applies wholesale to the stories I already have out, which lowers my already-low odds with them. But, that's how it goes...I have no illusions about being Clive Barker, and certainly not on my, what, fourth story ever; but it doesn't damper my motivation to learn.


Catherine J Gardner said...

Starting to panic now that my 2nd Potter's Field submission has gone astray as it's been almost a month since I sent it - gnawing fingernails.

Jamie Eyberg said...

I got a wonderful rejection from Potter's field. I too, want to write a screenplay for the hotel thing but i am unsure where to start. Have an idea but I want it to look professional so I have been dallying. Keep plugging away.

Jeremy D Brooks said...

Cate: maybe that's good news...means they're looking hard at it, perhaps?

Jamie: yeah, I want to sit on mine for a bit until I'm really sure it's professional-quality, or, at least, the best I can muster. That would be beyond cool to see your work in a professionally produced movie, but nonetheless, I'm really looking forward to seeing what they put out, mine or not.

Aaron Polson said...

Good ol' Potter's Field. I'm not sure I know a soul that's landed in there. Good luck with that screenplay.