Monday, September 29, 2008


Wow...exceptionally productive Monday. I finished my re-write of Clearing from the weekend, re-read it about 73 thousand times, and sent it off to Greatest Uncommon Denominator. Although it's focused on the relationship between a scientist and his computer, it's not as geeky as it sounds. it's really kind of sad. In my mind, it feels much more literary, so I thought I'd try a slipstream magazine first. I really want this one to sell, and I suspect I'm willing to re-write it several more times to do so.

Also, I made some edits to the Hotel Guignol screenplay and sent it off: a seven-ish minute piece called Welcome Back, Mr. Callaghan. According to their website, they are getting about 300 screenplays a day, so my odds are pretty friggin' slim. But, was fun, and I learned a little about formatting a screenplay. I have to say, I enjoy writing literature more. Screenplay writing is cool because you really have to visualize it, but it's too...I dunno. Cut and dry. "Bob stands up and walks to the table. There is a crystal ashtray on it. Inside of the ashtray is a leprechaun. Bob: Hello, leprechaun." it puts kind of a weird filter on the creative process, I guess.


Catherine J Gardner said...

I cheated and sent a short story to Hotel Guignol.

300 subs a day!!! Oh dear!

Jamie Eyberg said...

Wow! that is a lot of slush to pick through. Good luck in both markets. I might hold off writing my hotel story for awhile.

Aaron Polson said...

Best of luck. I can't fathom that amount of slush.

No hotels for me, thanks.

Rob Brooks said...

I'm working on revisions of my first screenplay write now, and it's a toss-up which I like better, lit or screenplays. I really enjoy the form and the cut-and-dryness of it. You really have to convey what you want in the dialogue and actions, no internal commentary. It's a different kind of challenge.